Join the Club

The Zocalo Tequila Club gives you the chance to experience tequila in a whole new way. Each month, you’ll get to order from an exclusive menu of amazing tequilas selected by our in-house tequila experts. And, best of all, this members-only menu offers pricing below our standard menu.


Your $10 membership fee gets you…

  • Membership in the club from September 17, 2018 through September 16, 2019 (Mexican Independence Day)

  • Access to a special members-only tequila menu featuring over $100 in discounts off our standard tequila menu

  • Every club member will receive a Zocalo Tequila Club t-shirt (click here to see the amazing limited-edition shirt)

  • Club members receive special invitations to monthly tasting events and special social events

  • Members that try all 52 of the featured tequilas will be designated Zocalo Tequila Club Banditos

  • Tequila Club Banditos will receive an exclusive Bandito Hoodie and be enshrined on our list of Tequila Banditos

  • Special 4th street discount on food at Zocalo

To get started, Just ask a Zocalo team member for the signup form.


Members-Only Tequila Menu

October 2018

$1 Off Avion Silver
$1 Off Avion Reposado
$1 Off Avion Anejo
5$ Off Avion 44 (Oct 27-Nov 2)

November 2018

$1 Off Espolon Blanco
$1 Off Espolon Reposado
$1 Off Espolon Anejo
$3 Off Espolon Anejo X

December 2018

$1 Off Don Julio Blanco
$1 Off Don Julio Reposado
$1 Off Don Julio Anejo
$1 Off Don Julio 1942
$3 Off Don Julio 70

January 2019

$1 Off Tres Agaves Blanco
$1 Off Tres Agaves Reposado
$1 Off Tres Agaves Anejo
$6 Off Vago Ensamble en Barro (Jan 26-Feb 1)

February 2019

$1 Off Casa Noble Blanco
$1 Off Casa Noble Reposado
$1 Off Casa Noble Anejo
$1 Off Milagro Select Barrel Silver

March 2019

$1 Off Sauza Tres Generacions Plata
$1 Off Sauza Tres Generacions Anejo
$1 Off Sauza Hornitos Black Barrel
$1 Off Sauza Hornitos Anejo
$7 Off Sauza Hornitos Extra Anejo (Mar 30-Apr 5)

April 2019

$1 Off Roca Patron Silver
$1 Off Roca Patron Reposado
$1 Off Roca Patron Anejo
$20 Off Gran Patron Piedra (Apr 27-May 3)

May 2019

$1 Off Cuervo Tradicional Silver
$1 Off Cuervo Tradicional Reposado
$1 Off Voodoo Tiki Reposado
$5 Off Cuervo Reserva De La Familia (May 18-May 24)

June 2018

$1 Off Cazadores Blanco
$1 Off Cazadores Reposado
$1 Off Cazadores Anejo
$1 Off Centinela Blanco
$6 Off Clase Azul Reposado (Jun 29-Jul 5)

July 2019

$1 Off Herradura Ultra
$1 Off Herradura Silver
$1 Off Maestro Dobel Diamante
$1 Off Olmeca Altos Anejo
$1 Off Chumucos Blanco

August 2019

$2 Off 1800 Silver
$1 Off 1800 Reposado
$1 Off 1800 Anejo
$1 Off Cantera Negra Reposado

September 2019

$1 Off Herradura Silver 
$1 Off Herradura Reposado 
$1 Off Herradura Anejo
$7 Off Herradura Reserva Seleccion Supreme (Sept 1-15)
$25 Off Gran Patron Burdeos (Sept 1-15)


*Discounts shown reflect the difference between regular menu price and tequila club menu price